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Semi-Frameless Shower Glass Enclosures

Semi frameless shower door

If you are keen on a fabulous design of your bathroom at a reasonable price, semi-frameless shower doors are the right choice.

First of all, they are made of glass just like frameless doors, which are more expensive. The money-saving device is a rail to hold the glass door. If frameless doors are secured to the stall and/or walls by means of special metal clips (they are cut right into the glass panel), then semi-frameless doors are adjusted with the help of partial framing on three edges of the door. This technique provides a neat and seamless look at low price.

Secondly, a semi-frameless door is easy to install and care for. Though you will have to clean in between the framing and the glass panel from time to time.

Besides, it is available in a great variety of colors and designs. And the hardware can turn into a subtle accessory to your shower stall. Some manufacturers offer various designs of framing to match tinted, frosted or transparent glass panels.

Frosting on the glass creates certain privacy in the shower, and it can be of various levels, from light to quite thick, when you cannot see anything through the door. It is also possible to come up with your own ideas and have them embodied by a good company.

When choosing a semi-frameless shower door, you have to bear in mind a few things:

The thickness of the glass should be not less than 3/8”. Otherwise the door will not remain stable, and can easily shatter. The standard ?” thick glass is not recommended by some installers as it is not that reliable and durable.

The type of the semi-frameless door should be selected counting the size of the shower entry. There are pivoting, sliding and other types of semi-frameless doors, with different handles and ways to open. Sometimes the space is too narrow to open the sliding door, for example, wide enough not to hit it.

See to it that the hardware is of high quality. The framing should be made from either polished stainless steel or aluminum.

If the door seals magnetically, there must be a special coating on the magnet, so that it does not leave rust on the glass.

The door mustn’t leek. If it doesn’t seal tightly, don’t buy the product.?When having your new semi-frameless shower door installed, check the handle of the door.

It should be fixed properly. So should be all hinges, pivots, and so on.

If you follow this simple advice, you will enjoy your semi-frameless shower door as a most reliable, incomparably profitable and uniquely designed part of the bathroom.

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